How to Use

How to Use


This guide is relentlessly practical.

It’s not just theory, but full of things you can use straightaway.
For that reason, I suggest you skip the Intro section and go straight to The Tools. This will give you some useful tips that are easy to apply.
After that, read anything you find interesting. Choose your own adventure.
The Checklists are meant to be used for real projects, but also act like summaries of everything you’re learning.
To keep you on track and assess how useful this handbook is, here are some of the things you should achieve as you go. Maybe come back here occasionally and check them off?

πŸ— I know how to research

I can name seven basic heuristics to evaluate a DeFi app
I can tell you about the four basic proto-personas
I know a basic process for doing competitive analysis

πŸ™ I am an expert DeFi user

I have used at least five chains
I have used at least three different wallets
I can give my opinion on which DEX has the best UX and explain why

🎨 I know how to design

I know what to show the user if they are connected to the wrong network
I know what yield metric is more useful to the user than APR
I know what basic typography and colour principles can be used to improve usability.