Accessibility Checklist

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All body text is at least AA contrast
My body text is at least 16px
I use readable fonts
I do not use pixel fonts
If I absolutely insist on using pixel fonts, they are at least 16px and I have asked my mother / a mother if she can read it.
Headings use H tags
I use a font with easily readable numbers
the 1 looks distinct from l
the 0 looks distinct from O
I have considered using a mono font for numbers
Mobile version is actually optimised for mobile
My tokens are at least 24x24 for their most common usage
I have a dark mode and a light mode
UI elements such as form outlines, buttons etc, conform to AA contrast rules.
I do not use red and green together
I use labels on all form fields and interactive elements
If I use animations or sound effects, it is possible to turn them off
Images have alt tags
I provide clear instructions for each function
I use icons to indicate key actions
My project’s name is unambiguously understood
My project’s name is broadly easy to pronounce

Bonus points

I have a setting that allows the user to change the 1,000 separator to a . or a space, or to nothing, according to user’s preference
Date format is configured to the user’s location
I can change language